SAM and CHSS Consultants launch new JV engineering consulting firm

JV firm aims to add significant value to projects in Sharjah

Sharjah Asset Management (SAM) has launched a new joint venture (JV) company with the largest engineering consulting firm in Malaysia, CHSS Consultants. Asool CHSS aims to provide the most effective engineering solutions to support and enhance the development of infrastructure and urban projects in Sharjah.

According to a statement, CHSS Consultants has implemented projects in many countries around the world and has a staff of up to 2,100 people including 1,000 specialised engineers.

SAM CEO Walid Al Sayegh noted that the emirate was fast emerging as a preferred option for investors and investments. He said, “This is apparent through the increase in international companies seeking to enter the region’s markets, such as the engineering consultancy firm CHSS, which is the largest engineering company in Malaysia. SAM has managed, in line with its continuous efforts aimed at consolidating relations with major international companies, to achieve this exciting new alliance with CHSS.”

He added, “The JV will constitute a major value to projects in the emirate of Sharjah, which is always keen to adhere to the policies of the open market and provide all the facilities necessary to support investment and companies of all sizes and sectors.”

HSS Engineers executive vice chairman Kuna Sittampalam remarked, “We are excited to join hands with SAM and look forward to a productive business relationship. We are eager to welcome the UAE’s fresh engineers as they visit our group in Malaysia to get first-hand experience and knowledge of the process of managing large scale projects. This will be in the form of short programs or long internships which will allow the engineers to return home with a wealth of experience to benefit their local society.”

CHSS general manager George Saeed Khuraish stated, “It is our pleasure to enter into an alliance with Sharjah Asset Management, and we will do our utmost to provide the best possible engineering solutions for future projects. With our working relationship with government agencies and private companies in the Emirates spanning over the last decade, we are certain that this alliance will contribute to strengthening these relationships even further.”

Abdulaziz Fikry has been appointed CEO of the new JV company. He concluded, “There are many investment opportunities provided by Sharjah in various sectors, including the real estate sector, and the construction and infrastructure sectors, so we expect great success for this new entity during the coming period, especially in light of the facilities provided by the emirate to investors from all over the world.”

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