Hitachi Construction Machinery’s expertise to support Hitachi’s Lumada business

Equipment giant’s ConSite service to be used to expand Hitachi’s solutions beyond the equipment sector to include industrial machinery manufacturers

Hitachi Construction Machinery (HCM) has entered into a licence agreement with Hitachi Ltd. to expand the scope of application of its ConSite service solution beyond the construction equipment sector to include industrial machinery manufacturers.

The ConSite service solution from the construction equipment maker provides remote monitoring and data reports for construction machinery working at job-sites, and Hitachi will use HCM’s knowledge and expertise in the this field to extend the service and target industries outside of the construction machinery spehere.

The agreement authorises the disclosure of HCM’s knowledge and expertise to Hitachi, in areas such as computer programmes related to services for delivering ‘monthly report’ and ‘alarm report (emergency report)’ on HCM’s construction machines currently deployed around the world, and also approves the use of the ConSite trademark. With the agreement, Hitachi will be able to leverage ConSite in the development of solutions that enhance maintenance services for industrial machinery manufacturers. The new solutions are scheduled for commercial release in October.

According to a statement from Hitachi, HCM has since 2000 equipped its hydraulic excavators with communication terminals as an option, and has equipped them as standard since 2006, utilising IoT to collect big data, such as information on the operational status and location of construction equipment in its Global e-Service. Since 2013, HCM has also provided the ConSite service solution, which improves failure risk awareness through remote monitoring based on Global e-Service data and delivers data reports on the status of construction machines, thereby contributing to the reduction of lifecycle costs, which is an important customer concern.

At present, the number of machines with ConSite data report service contracts has reached 143,000 in 113 countries and regions, which makes up approximately 73% of total unit sales for which the ConSite service solution is available. HCM says the service has been well received by the many customers in a short period of time. In addition, by actively incorporating AI and analysis technology, the failure prognostic detection rate via remote sensing has been increased to 71%. HCM set a new goal to further increase the failure prognostic detection rate to 90% In and after fiscal year 2020.

ConSite is also registered as a use case for Lumada, a collective name for advanced digital solutions, services, and technologies of the Hitachi Group, and sales of Hitachi’s Lumada business also include sales of HCM’s parts and service business for construction machinery. HCM developed the ConSite uniquely by combining long-standing knowledge of maintenance and inspection operations, big data analysis and Hitachi Group’s cutting-edge IT technology. In the future, Hitachi will use ConSite’s knowledge, expertise and experience, and further brush up on ConSite for the Lumada next generation maintenance solution for Hitachi customers.

“The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group has always aimed to serve as a familiar and trusted partner by providing Reliable solutions that resolve customer issues. As we move forward with efforts to contribute to Hitachi’s Lumada business through ConSite, we will continue striving to resolve social issues around the world,” said Hitachi’s statement.


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