Mineral Circles says SEDIS distribution partnership will bolster MEA industrial chain solutions

Mineral Circles Bearings (MCB) confirms that the collaboration allows it to distribute and offer SEDIS’s full range in the MEA market

Mineral Circles Bearings (MCB) has secured a new distribution partnership with leading European chain manufacturer and industry firm SEDIS.

The company said the collaboration allows it to distribute and offer SEDIS’s full range of products covering transmission, leaf, adapted, conveyor chains including wheels, sprockets, and disks in the Middle East and Africa market.

“This alliance is a great advantage for us considering the burgeoning demand in the Industrial sector. SEDIS decades of proven experience in providing tailor-made solutions to big, relevant industries such as heavy, agricultural, steel, food production and the mining industry has cemented itself as a trusted partner in providing robust solutions globally,” said Mohamad Alwan, the head of MCB’s Industrial Division.

Given the wider market reach to support, this collaboration is expected to help local and regional business to maximise their business potential at scale, he added.

“With the help of our In-house Technical Engineers, we can extend our help to businesses that have been losing their production reliability due to inaccessible technical support in the region,” said Alwan. “This will also fortify our technical credibility as our clients will have easy access to premium wide range of quality products and impeccable after-sales service.”

While MCB claims the range offers premium quality and value for money, customers can expect the SEDIS range to continue to evolve with development targeted to meet the precise demand of specialised applications.

“SEDIS and MCB’s synergy is centered on delivering high-standard industrial aftermarket solutions for businesses in the chain industry and related verticals. SEDIS’s commercial and technical team together with MCB’s forward-thinking business approach will help us in developing and offering a stronger regional market industry support. ” Mohamed Benhlal, SEDIS’ export Area Manager stated when asked about what to expect with this new collaboration.

“Middle East & Africa is MCB’s homecourt with years of proven and solidified market reputation. Its market intelligence will confidently support us in providing sustainable industrial solutions to the region’s continuous demanding, budding economy,” Benhlal added.

SEDIS’s newly inked partnership with MCB will give both companies a wider market reach in providing sustainable product solutions, training and installation supervision, the company said in statement: “This will enable local and international partners to solicit real-time, accurate, and technically-sound support from trusted industry professionals.”

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