Saudi Arabia to develop 1,835km tourist path as part of domestic tourism drive

Path will connect the Kingdom’s south with the north through the western regions

Saudi Arabia’s Tourism Authority (STA) has announced that it is looking to prepare the longest recreational tourist path in the country, running for 1,835 kilometres, as part of the country’s drive to promote domestic tourism.

According to a report by the Saudi Gazette, the path will connect the Kingdom’s south with the north through the western regions, starting from Abha and reaching Tabuk, passing through Al-Baha, Taif, Jeddah, Rabigh Economic City, Yanbu and Umluj, or vice versa.

The path is only meant for families and the duration of the trip will be approximately two weeks, the report added.

Included along the path is a set of activities and programs, including shopping, entertainment shows and outdoor activities, as well as exposure to the sun and sea. These are all part of STA’s tourism plan, which is entitled “Saudi Summer”, which it aims to implement once life returns to normal after overcoming the current coronavirus pandemic situation.

The plan aims to promote the hotel and restaurant sectors, with offering attractive discounts and diverse activities. It will also encourage gas stations to raise their levels of hygiene and create an environment free from pollution, in addition to the setting up of food trucks. There are also proposals to open small rest houses and farms, in accordance with the precautionary measures and preventive protocols against coronavirus.

Ahmad Al-Joaid, a tour guide, said that tourist path is aimed at promoting domestic tourism, especially in cities that enjoy moderate temperatures such as Taif, Al-Baha and Abha, which are experiencing continuous rains and seasons for the production of natural fruits.

“It also aims to promote tourism through vehicles instead of aircraft in the context of the prevailing travel restrictions,” he was quoted as saying by the report.


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