RTA says new digital investment platform will go live in 2021

RTA Invest will facilitate the response and interaction of bidders to call for RTA investment tenders

A new digital investment platform has been announced by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). Known as ‘RTA Invest’, the platform will help with managing investors relations.

According to a statement, the platform aims to offer investors smart and streamlined services and will showcase the RTA’s investment opportunities, amongst a wider spectrum of local and global businesses. It will also facilitate the response and interaction of bidders to call for RTA investment tenders.

“We are planning to launch this digital investment platform next year to offer an integrated experience for potential investors in RTA projects. The platform will create interactive investment channels with investors for sharing ideas and proposing innovative business solutions. It will enhance the cooperation and investment drive in a variety of fields and boost the public-private partnership, PPP, concept,” explained Ibrahim Al Haddad, director of Commercial and Investment, Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector at the RTA.

The platform is expected to go live in 2021, the statement noted.

He added, “Through this platform, we are supporting our leaders’ efforts to elevate the projects’ competitiveness value, promote the opportunities professionally, attract more and diverse investors in infrastructure projects and initiatives.”

Haddad remarked that the platform will be appealing to technology-savvy international businesses capable of proposing creative funding models for integrated transport systems, offering new options to riders and value to Dubai’s profile as a model future city.

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