Sunward delivers heavy machinery for Mohammed Bin Rashid Solar Park

Chinese manufacturer supplies UAE project with eight units comprising rotary drilling rigs and excavators, with more to follow

Chinese construction equipment maker Sunward has announced the delivery of eight units of heavy machinery to the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in the UAE.

Sunward said in a statement that the delivery made this month comprises six rotary drilling rigs and two excavators. The machines, sporting Sunward’s trademark livery, can already be seen on the job-site at the solar park. They are being used by the project’s foundation piling contractor, who has 25 years of international engineering experience. According to the manufacturer, the contractor has been using Sunward products since 2003 in various projects in China, Vietnam and Malaysia and has a total equipment fleet of more than 200 units.

The total piling job at the solar park covers 120,000 metres, for which Sunward products were chosen because of their high reliability and adaptability to the high temperatures and dusty conditions of the region – as well as their overall low cost.

“There will be more Sunward products used on our job-site as this new contract progresses,” said the head of the contracting company.

Sunward Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd. was founded in 1999 and is led by He Qinghua, a professor at China’s Central South University, among the country’s highest rated. The company went public in 2006, when it was listed on the Chinese stock market. It is now ranked among the top ten of Chinese equipment makers and also features in the global top-50 equipment makers, having surpassed 14 global competitors in the last four years to rank No.34.

Bob Xie, managing director of Sunward Middle East Division, said: “Sunward’s Middle East operations are based out of the UAE and our products and services cover the entire region, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Turkey and even Iran, apart from the UAE itself.

*We are among the leading global heavy equipment suppliers as per export data. Among China’s main equipment manufacturers, Sunward has consistently been in the top position for export of static pile drivers and in the second position for skid-steer loaders and rock drilling rigs. We have also bagged the No.3 position for foundation drilling rigs, the No.4 position for crawler cranes and the fifth spot for excavators.

*With Sunward’s high quality, we have also cemented our position in the European market since 2003, with our biggest overseas subsidiary located in Belgium. Today, Europe is 20% of Sunward’s mini excavator and skid-steer loader market, with our European inventory at more than 12,000 units.


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