Consolidated Contractors Company announces City Centre Almaza achieves LEED-Gold certification

Located in Heliopolis, East Cairo, the mall covers an area of 120,000m2 and was opened to the public at the end of September 2019

Egypt’s City Centre Almaza (CCA) mall has received LEED-Gold certification from the US Green Building Council (USGBC).

Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) completed the construction and LEED certification process for developer Majid Al-Futtaim (MAF), as part of a joint venture (JV) with local construction company Hassan Allam.

According to a statement on its website, CCC says it exceeded the contract requirement for a LEED-Silver rating and accomplished the higher certification level of LEED-Gold.

CCA says the mall achieved the LEED-Gold rating thanks to green building features that positively impact the project, the environment and the broader community.

High standards in energy savings, water efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction are said to have been adopted, which are said to have had the following results: 14.6% energy savings with the use of energy efficient equipment and renewable energy 89% waste recycling via a detailed waste management programme 47% reduction of water-use through low flow fixtures and wastewater management 4.7% offset of total energy consumed by utilising renewable energy generated on-site Procuring and using environmentally preferable materials: 30.9% of the total building materials were manufactured using recycled materials and 48.5% were sourced locally.

City Centre Almaza is said to be one of the only two LEED-Gold certified shopping centres in Egypt. CCC said its project team provided construction and environmental management expertise and ensured that the project achieved the prestigious Green Building certification.

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