New Makkah projects will cater for more pilgrims

Expansion projects in Holy City attracting commercial interest

Makkah will launch a number of new projects to cater to increased pilgrim numbers.

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Expansion projects in the Two Holy Mosques are attracting commercial interest from private companies and institutions in Saudi Arabia.

Sadco Holding is among the leading companies investing in hotel sector. The company is also involved in the development of Elaf Bakkah project in Makkah, which seeks to create a friendly housing and commercial environment for pilgrims.

“The Elaf Bakkah project is one of the most important scheme in Makkah and represents a major development in terms of hotel construction,” said Khalid Jamjoum, CEO of Sadco. He also said the project is one of the most important monuments of Mahbas Al-Jinn and an example for experts working on other hotel projects.

He added that his company has worked hard with its engineering capabilities throughout all the stages of the project to ensure quality and efficiency. Jamjoum said the building will consist of 24 stories, three parking areas with capacity for 170 cars, 810 rooms and suites, and a large landing terminal for helicopters.

This will enable the city to receive greater numbers of pilgrims and ensure their comfort, he said. A number of towers are under construction in Makkah and more than 2,500 new hotel rooms will be available soon, he added.

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