Al-Bahar introduces new Cat C18 diesel generator in GCC

Uprated model offers higher power density in a more efficient and smaller package with up to 37% reduction in footprint

Al-Bahar has announced the availability of Caterpillar’s uprated new Cat C18 diesel generator set, which enables customers to meet their power needs and emission targets with greater precision.

A statement from the Cat dealer said that the new C18 will deliver the benefits of high power density to customers across the Al-Bahar territory, which includes the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and Qatar markets. Designed to meet challenging restrictions on capital, site size, emissions and cost, the new power-dense C18 requires less overall space for installation.

According to Al-Bahar, the new C18 is engineered to maximise power output and reliability, and has ratings of 706 to 850 kVA at 50 Hz. It features a smaller footprint of up to 37% and offers more power density than competitive power solutions on the market. It significantly decreases customers’ installed and ancillary costs through reduced overall footprint and weight.

With this newly uprated Cat C18 diesel generator set and other similar power-dense models, Caterpillar is reaffirming its leadership in delivering a full range of dependable, space-conscious power solutions that are increasingly cost-effective, Al-Bahar added.

“With its reduced installation costs and low fuel consumption, C18 brings down the total cost for our customers. Moreover, with a range of highlights like an advanced fuel system, improved combustion system, better thermal management, high spec core components, and next generation air system, the new C18 maximises return on investment for our customers, whilst offering proven power solution,” said Ahmed Mohamed Kamal, retail sales manager for Power Systems EPG at Al-Bahar.

The generator set meets NFPA 110 loading requirement as well as ISO 8528-5 transient response requirements. The EMCP controller is a reliable and durable one, Al-Bahar added, with the EMCP4 included in the new C18 being a scalable control platform that ensures reliable generator set operation, providing extensive information about power output and engine operation. Moreover, customers can further customize the EMCP4 systems to meet their needs through programming and expansion modules.

Other highlights include higher flow rate injectors with improved fuel delivery control and pressure, enhances power output. The new high-efficiency parallel turbo allows for increased airflow and achieves high boost pressure delivering higher power density with faster response. Improved combustion chamber design allows fuel to burn more efficiently, extracting more energy from the fuel.

Higher specification pistons rings and valves sustain higher operating temperatures, which minimise oil consumption for longer engine life at higher output ratings. Higher specification advanced core components ensure improved component durability while the engine delivers more power.

Mohamed B El-Kaddour, vice president – Energy & Transportation at Al-Bahar said: “Caterpillar always thinks more than the equipment they’re designing. They think about the people they are designing the equipment for, which includes the person who needs their backup power to perform flawlessly.

“Fewer units offering more power – is the ideal situation. Our customers are always looking for more power from an existing engine, and the C18 promises exactly that at lower fuel consumption. Its smaller size and lower weight make it a smaller displacement engine, lowering shipping costs as overall packaging size reduces. Further, it demands lesser oil and coolants, leading to reduced maintenance costs, and environmental impact, all adding more value to the bottom-line. In the end – lower shipping costs, lower fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs, all add up to savings, making it an ideal engine for varying requirements.”

The region-wide product support, with parts and service available globally through authorised service networks like the one offered by Al-Bahar, makes the C18 a complete package for mission-critical applications, the dealer said.

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