Jeddah’s Haramain rail station 27% finished

Second phase of train project will begin after construction of train stations is complete

The Haramain railway station in Jeddah is part of the massive Haramain Rail Project.

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More than 27%  of the Haramain rail station in Jeddah and 13% in Makkah have been completed, Saudi Arabian government officials have said.

The project will be completed on time, according to Muhammad Al-Suwaiket, head of the Saudi Railways Organization (SRO).

He said that the second phase of the train project will begin after construction of stations is completed, he said.

Building four stations in Makkah, Madinah, Jeddah and King Abdullah Economic City in Rabigh is the second and last part of the project’s first phase. The project’s second and last phase will involve the installation of tracks, signal and communication systems and the railway electrification system and 35 passenger vehicles.

The second stage will also see the establishment of six power stations to meet the project’s power requirements. The project is expected to operate by the end of 2014.

Al-Suwaiket, who was inspecting works on the project’s Makkah-Jeddah section on Thursday, said the Haramain High Speed Rail Project is one of the main parts of the Kingdom’s rail expansion project.

It is aimed at connecting Makkah and Madinah via a 450-km electric railroad that also includes the King Abdullah Economic City in Rabigh. It will be a fast and safe transportation means for millions of people visiting the two holy cities, he said.

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