Oman’s Asyad Group invites bids for development of 54,104sqm prime land in Muscat

Proposals sought to select a developer to invest and develop prime plot of land for residential, commercial or mixed-use project

Oman Global Logistics Group (Asyad Group) has invited bids from top firms for the development of prime land owned by Mwasalat, the Sultanate’s public transport services company, in the Azaiba region of the capital, Muscat.

A key Omani asset, Asyad manages a diverse portfolio, including port management, transportation, shipping, freight forwarding businesses and public services. One of its key subsidiaries is Mwasalat , which provides public services and is investing heavily in strengthening its fleet of buses, taxis and associated infrastructure to modernise public transportation in Oman.

“Asyad (as project promoter) on behalf of Mwasalat (project employer) seeks proposals to select a developer to invest and develop Mwasalat’s Project Site A-1 which is 54,104 sq m prime land in Azaiba,” stated Asyad in its tender notification.

As per the notification, interested parties can submit a proposal to develop a residential, commercial or mixed-use project on the 54,104sqm prime land in the Al Athaibah region of the capital. The project can include retail shops, offices, mall, hypermarket, apartments, hotel etc. or any other commercial facility, the notification said.

Asyad added that the contractual agreement between the potential investor and developer will include a design, build, finance, operate and transfer development model.

As per the tender notification, the developer may also lease-out, sub-let or operate the facilities to recover its cost and earn profit over the period of the agreement. The developer may also assign the individual facilities to different operators to operate and/or maintain, it added.

According to Asyad, this will also include master planning, operation and maintenance of the facility for a four-year term and transfer all the assets to Mwasalat, at the end of the contract term.

The deadline for submitting the bids is August 17, the tender notification concluded.

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