Coronavirus: Work progresses as scheduled at Expo 2020 Dubai’s Italian pavilion

Health measures including temperature screenings and isolation stations are in place amid the coronavirus pandemic

The Italian Commissioner for Expo 2020 and Invitalia have confirmed that construction work on the Italian pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai is progressing as per schedule with stringent security measures in place.

This includes special health screenings for workers and isolation stations at the project site, in response to the novel coronavirus – COVID-19.

The Bureau International des Exposistions (BIE), the committee representing the 192 participating countries and the management of Expo 2020 Dubai, in a video conference discussed theses issues as well as the continuation of work at national and thematic pavilions. They also pledged to constantly monitor the global impact of Covid-19.

Commenting on progress of the pavilion, senior Italian officials, in a statement, said that special structures have been set up to make it possible for people to clean their hands, as well as isolation stations for any suspected cases of coronavirus needing quarantine. Moreover, workers will go through health screenings, while their temperature will be taken every morning. The number of people who can stay in closed spaces are also being limited.

“The phase regarding the construction of foundations has been completed and the first steel structures can be seen now. On completion, it will reach 27-m tall and will showcase the pavilion’s verticality: their completion is scheduled by the month of April,” the statement added.

Construction materials are being regularly delivered from Italy despite limitations recently introduced to air traffic arriving and leaving the UAE. Officials stated that agreements have been signed with partner companies and starting next week the inflow of goods will become intense.

The facade of Italy’s pavilion, entirely built with nautical ropes made with recycled plastic, is being produced in Italy and will be installed in June, completing the external part of the structure, the statement added. The first phase of the pavilion will be completed by July, which will prepare the pavilion for the decoration phase, officials stated.

The Italian Commissioner for Expo 2020 and Invitalia said that the advancement of construction work at the pavilion is tangible proof of Italy’s productive system despite the national health emergency. It also indicates how Expo 2020 represents a great occasion of recovery and a very precious possibility of affirmation at an international level for our country, they added.

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