Potain recognises NFT’s contribution at Conexpo

Manitowoc company presents special award to Abu Dhabi-based largest global Potain dealer for over 45 years of strong partnership

Abu Dhabi-based NFT Specialized in Tower Cranes has announced that it has received a special award from The Manitowoc Company at Concexpo earlier this month in recognition for the tower crane dealer’s continued support and strong partnership with Manitowoc’s Potain tower cranes division.

This comes four months after NFT renewed its contract with Manitowoc for five more years to be the exclusive Potain dealer in the Middle East region. NFT, which has been associated with Potain for over 45 years, is already the biggest dealer for the brand’s tower cranes in the world and supplies Potain units to projects not only in the region but also worldwide.

The award was presented to the NFT management by Manitowoc’s Aaron Ravenscroft, EVP of cranes and Orlando Mota, Senior VP.

According to a statement by NFT, despite the current global coronavirus pandemic, more than 2,000 construction industry-related exhibitors participated at Conexpo in Las Vegas earlier this month to display their latest equipment. This included USA-headquartered Manitowoc who unveiled six new cranes and four models produced in 2018 and 2019, for the first time in North America.

Berry Pennypacker, president and CEO of The Manitowoc Company said in an interview that “many of our customers provide direct input into the design and functionality of our new cranes” and NFT, as Potain’s biggest dealer worldwide, is a major contributor to such changes by providing first hand insights into site demands.

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