Coronavirus: Airolink Construction Group implements measures against COVID-19

Dr Anil Pillai tells MECN company has mobilised crisis management team to ensure all possible safety measures implemented on and off site

Airolink Construction Group, the Dubai-based contractor, has outlined to the measures being taken to prepare for, and mitigate, the effects of the global outbreak of COVID-19.

In an exclusive statement, Dr Anil Pillai said that the company has mobilised a crisis management team to ensure that all possible safety measures have been implemented both on and off site. Efforts have also been taken to implement all necessary protective measures as outlined by the World Health Organisation in all of the company’s offices, project sites and accommodation facilities, he added.

“We at Airolink Construction Group understand the criticality of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and take this as an opportunity to review our preparedness and response plan to the scenario,” he told

“Awareness sessions are being conducted to educate our staff on WHO guidelines and to follow UAE ministry regulations strictly. Airolink has introduced face recognition instead of biometrics, advised staff against shaking hands, installed hand sanitisers throughout our offices, project sites, accommodation facilities and we are routinely disinfecting our premises.

“Our dedicated team is also ensuring that regular temperature checks are being carried on all our employees, and anyone showing symptoms are advised to stay home and go into self-isolation for two weeks. This also applies to employees traveling back to the UAE. Designated isolation facilities have been arranged by Airolink for this purpose,” he added.

Furthermore, Dr Pillai said that the company has mandated that meetings be deferred and that employees make conference or video calls instead, so as to minimise disruptions and ensure the non-interruption of work.

“Despite the adverse scenario, Airolink is still committed to its efforts in achieving project milestones as scheduled,” he said. “Slights delays are expected as we can already see visible variations in the supply chain. We procure materials worldwide and are in regular touch with our suppliers so as to monitor the changing scenarios and act accordingly.

“Everybody understands that this pandemic outbreak requires careful considerations at all level and we believe that relaxation is required wherever needed, so as to support each other throughout the industry,” he concluded.

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