New AGTEK software provides accuracy in cut/fill measurements on phones and tablets

SmartDirt RTK, available on both Apple and Android platforms, enables survey-grade readings accurate to very small values

Construction and civil software provider AGTEK Development Company has released SmartDirt RTK, a new solution that provides accurate cut/fill measurements on Apple or Android phones or tablets.

The Hexagon group company said the SmartDirt RTK suite turns Apple or Android phones or tablets into high accuracy GPS/GNSS receivers for on-site grade checking, drone/UAV ground control point (GCP) set out, and site data collection. SmartDirt RTK supports both Apple and Android devices when paired with a compatible RTK antenna.

“SmartDirt RTK is the foreman’s best friend allowing users to know where they are in relation to plan sheets, cut/fill maps, satellite images and street maps, leveraging the power of mobile devices. The app can determine the volume of a stockpile, find the daylight line between cut and fill, and calculate balanced regions in the field to ensure dirt only moves once. SmartDirt RTK also records site details with RTK accuracy and uses the camera on mobile devices to record site progress,” said AGTEK in a statement.

The statement added that SmartDirt RTK enables a very high accuracy in survey-grade measurements from within several feet to within a tenth of a foot.

For drone and UAV use, SmartDirt RTK simplifies the workflow by providing a simple process to set-out GCPs and reference drone/UAV flights to site coordinates, AGTEK added. SmartDirt allows users to view drone/UAV orthomosaic images in the field and measure against updated progress surfaces to accurately track how much work has been completed and how much work is left to finish the job.

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