Value Engineering – get a vital competitive edge on 30th March

The VE Summit is dedicated to the strategies that can boost margins and encourage best practice

At the Oberoi Hotel, Dubai on 30th March, the Value Engineering Summit is set to play an important role in advancing critical issues around cost reduction, Sustainability and effective project management. With Value Engineering increasingly seen as key to success in the Construction sector, the Summit is dedicated to the strategies that can boost margins and encourage Best Practice.

Value Engineering has become a critical tool across the industry food chain – and the Summit uses a vibrant format of interactive panels and presentations, with the leading Value Engineering exponents setting out a portable blueprint applicable to many scales and styles of business.

The day’s agenda is set to revolve around two important themes –

  • Procurement – developers are increasingly dependent on the itineraries of ‘new entry’ markets and providers offering budget prices and apparently strong product features. What are hidden risks in this approach and how does it align with the quest for quality management?
  • Sustainability – can Sustainability add another dimension to the Value Engineering Process? With buildings accounting for nearly 50% of all greenhouse gas emissions globally, and construction responsible for the consumption of a huge percentage of the world’s resources, it’s time for the industry to start looking at how to improve efficiencies, performances and savings – while still creating spaces that are environmentally friendly.

Among the raft of pressing developments urgently needing solutions, the Value Engineering Summit provides a cogent and transparent platform for discussion. Proposing that the industry embraces Value Engineering as part of the design process instead of the construction process, it will also encourage owners, designers and contractors to put Sustainability front and centre: urging them to work together to create value through the optimum use of materials, the need to consider longevity, and the engineered reduction of maintenance issues.

Bigger and better than ever, the third edition of the Value Engineering Summit brings together outstanding speakers, panellists and industry experts to discuss the topics that are vital in securing competitive edge.

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