Al Masood Power Division exceeded expectations in 2019, says senior official

Exclusive: Al Masaood Power showcases Volvo Penta’s latest diesel engines at MEE while revealing to MECN that business has been very good in 2019 and 2020

Walid Elmallah, sales director at Al Masaood Power Division, has said that they have already achieved a third of their targets for 2020 in the first two months of the year while business was very good the previous year and that they had exceeded their targets for 2019.

Speaking during an interview with MECN, on the side-lines of Middle East Energy (MEE), Elmallah said that he believed business prospects will be very good this year not just for them but for the entire supply chain and that he is looking forward to a healthy environment. With Expo 2020 Dubai around the corner and a driving force for increasing businesses; it’s not necessary to be working for specific projects in the Expo, there are a lot of projects we are working on that’s linked to the Expo, so its positively affecting the business, he added.

“We recognise that there is potential in the smart grid business, which is a combination between renewable energy, diesel/gas generators and also battery usage. Here in the UAE, there is a good distribution network for electricity from the grid and there is potential as well.”

“Our objective is to recognise that potential, and have more renewable energy to minimise our carbon footprint from using conventional diesel power generation, hence, we are working and training our self on understanding how to integrate systems using solar, wind and battery storage,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Volvo Penta, through its partnership with Al Masaood Power Division, has launched the new D8 Stage II and IIIA/Tier 3 engine at MEE for the first time.

“Al Masaood Power Division and our long-standing partner, Volvo Penta, are excited to be at the Middle East Energy 2020, which we have been supporting consecutively for the last 10 years.,” said Rasso Bartenschlager, GM of Al Masaood Power Division, in a statement. “The latest range of Volvo Penta engines promote sustainable power solutions that are more energy-efficient considering its low fuel consumption and low noise levels, which are in line with the global sustainable development goals to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment while ensuring service satisfaction for our customers.”

The D8 engine is both powerful and economical as a backup power while its flexibility provides a cost-effective option as a primary power generator in areas where energy source is limited, according to the statement. It can be used for both mobile and stationary power generation applications, in accordance with local emissions regulations, it added.

Elmallah told MECN that that they are responsible for the UAE and Bahrain market and the challenge is to provide complete solutions to the customers. “We also have capabilities in terms of spare parts, service and training but our objective is to have reliable solutions instead of just delivering components to our customers.”

Additionally, he noted that MEE is an opportunity to build efficient networks with stakeholders, suppliers, customers, end-users, and water and electricity authorities. It’s not just an opportunity to sell, but adapt our self to the market and create new products and services, he pointed out.

“We have been part of MEE for the last 10 years and it has positively affected our business which is why we keep coming back, every year we learn a lot and utilise that knowledge for the next 1 year,” Elmallah concluded.

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