SirajPower completes construction and installation of new fully financed solar project for DP World’s staff accommodation

Combined 6.75MWp system capacity solar rooftops spans a total of 110 mid-rise buildings and generates more than 10.72GWh of annual energy production

SirajPower, a UAE-based distributed solar energy provider, has announced that it has successfully completed the construction and installation of a new fully financed solar model for DP World’s staff accommodation in Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) East and West.

The two combined 6.75MWp system capacity solar rooftops span a total of 110 mid-rise buildings, between both locations, and generate more than 10.72GWh of annual energy production. In addition, it will help displace 7,579 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) per annum, which corresponds to 966,626,499 number of smartphones being charged, or 125,328 trees being planted, a statement from the company said.

In order to complete this project within three months, SirajPower put together a centralised project management team, along with a JAFZA facility management team, to build and install 17,500 solar panels with the mobilisation of more than 50,000 man-hours.

With these new green staff accommodations, the overall well-being of DP World’s staff will be improved by providing a safe working environment, the company added in the statement. The solar plant is part of the second phase of projects under the 22-year solar lease agreement for JAFZA and National Industries Park (NIP), which was signed in Q4 2018.

On the key milestone, CEO Laurent Longuet said: “SirajPower kicks off the year with a major project milestone allowing the company to continue expanding its portfolio and make its first foray into the residential sector.”

“Beyond the commercial and industrial sectors, the main adopters of solar rooftops in the region, we demonstrated that we can extend the same strategic platforms to the residential market. It is taking more time to develop with some challenges to overcome but the potential in that space is tremendous and a focus shift is happening,” he stated.

SirajPower said its partnership with DP World further supports the group’s sustainable, long-term growth plan that is aligned with the United Nation’s ninth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) to build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation, Longuet highlighted.

“Our long-term partnership with DP World is a real success. The staff accommodation project in Jafza is the first one in the region with the greatest number of buildings in one solar leasing development,” he remarked.

“Most importantly, it is improving the overall well-being of staff by providing a safe working environment. It will pave the way for more housing, accommodation and residential solar projects across the Middle East, making a turning point for SirajPower’s ground-breaking strategies towards the end-user market under Dewa’s Shams Initiative and the UAE’s growing solar industry,” he added.


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