Daikin interview: Energy efficient technologies will lead the GCC HVAC-R industry

Daikin is set to launch its first European VRV AC-system to run on the lowest GWP refrigerant R-32

Energy efficient products and companies with technologies are going to lead the HVAC-R market for the GCC according to Daikin’s Tuna Gulenc.

In an exclusive interview with MECN, Gulenc, vice president for sales with Daikin Middle East and Africa, said that HVAC-R is a necessity for the GCC and governments are now reducing subsidies on electrical energy to lead the trend on energy efficiency.

“HVAC systems consume up to 65 percent of energy in GCC buildings and as a result it is vital that they are energy efficient so they can achieve green ratings. There are a number of initiatives to help achieve this efficiency of which some are inverters, green gases, ESCO studies, retrofits and adiabatic cooling,” explained Gulenc.

Not only that, he stated that organisations have identified that the acceptability for green products are increasing and with government regulations for energy efficiency coming into effect, it will further fuel market growth. “For instance, we have been optimising VRV (variable refrigerant volume) technology in the region and are now working on the “inverterisation” of the entire product range right from splits to chiller systems and new green refrigerants like R-32.”

On that note, Daikin has announced that it is set to launch its first European VRV air conditioning system running on the lowest GWP refrigerant R-32, next month. Gulenc noted that all countries that ratified the Kigali amendment to reduce the global warming impact of HFC refrigerants are now working to replace refrigerants commonly used today with those that have a lower environmental impact.

“As part of our efforts to support this transition, Daikin is providing free access to its patents covering HVAC equipment using the low GWP R-32 refrigerant,” he added.

Gulenc concluded by pointing out that such global energy initiatives will facilitate a surge in demand for smart systems, Internet of Things, data analytics and artificial intelligence in the HVAC-R industry.

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