Saudi Arabia looks at completing development works in Makkah

The project will be completed in 14 phases and focuses on eliminating slum areas and improving public transport

The Makkah Regional Development Authority (MRDA) says the civic infrastructure work in Makkah is developing at a rapid pace and is looking at completing three development projects, as well as eliminating slum areas, according to Saudi Arabia’s Arab News.

The first project focuses on developing the Al-Nakkasa and Al-Kadwa slum neighbourhoods. The removal of expropriated properties, which started at the beginning of last year, has reached the fifth of 14 stages set up by development companies, it stated.

Jalal bin Abdul Jalil Kaaki, the official spokesperson for MRDA, said to Arab News: “The project will be completed in 14 phases. In the fifth stage, properties from Al-Nakkasa neighbourhood are being removed.”

The second major project currently underway is the King Abdul Aziz Road development. It is more than 3km long and around 3600 properties have been removed for its construction.

Meanwhile, sources from the development company stated to Arab News that this road can accommodate more than 60 per cent of the traffic coming to Makkah, which will ease pressure on the Al Haram area. It will also facilitate the movement of pilgrims and visitors to the Grand Mosque as their numbers are expected to increase during rush hours.

“It will provide visitors with a variety of means of transportation including a bus network and Makkah’s metro, which will benefit about 5 million people yearly,” the development company stated.

Arab News also reported that the project aims to reshape the urban environment, according to a comprehensive plan that includes housing, transportation, facilities, and public services as well as social, economic factors and entertainment.

The third project focuses on public transportation. It started with the 400 Makkah bus project, which will transport passengers from 500 stations and stops covering 300 km. Seven pedestrian bridges equipped with elevators for the elderly and people with special needs have also been built, the national daily stated.

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