Losberger De Boer delivers KSA’s first three-storey temporary build

Structure was built for Riyadh’s inaugural three-day music, performing arts and culinary craft festival, MDL Beast

Losberger De Boer has delivered a three-storey temporary structure for Riyadh’s MDL Beast Fest event. The firm says this is the first time a structure of this sort has been delivered in the Kingdom.

The build is said to be the temporary structure specialist’s biggest project to date with sports marketing agency Sela Sport.

According to a statement, the structure features 9,500sqm of interior space and includes a triple-decker hospitality suite combining the firm’s ‘Premier’ and ‘Anova Vista’ structures for the “Very Important Beast (VIB)” district. This is said to be the GCC debut of this type of structure.

Other buildings include three President structures for the tier 2 VIB area, media lounge and pizza restaurant, two Palas structures for the Off Beast Box and contemporary Latin American MNKY HSE restaurant, Premier for a viewing deck, and Maxiflex for the festival’s banquet hall and a geodesic dome, which will be used as an air-conditioned tent during the festival.

“We have global experience in delivering a wide range of temporary structures and modular buildings within very challenging timeframes. We have established a strong reputation in the market for providing spaces for mega-events, such as MDL Beast Fest, where ISO-certification and premium build credentials are a must. MDL Beast Fest is the first festival of its kind in the kingdom, so our mandate was to ensure an unrivalled visitor experience for guests. The diverse range of structures used will provide a unique experience for guests visiting the different areas of the festival, and the premium viewing facilities offer a fantastic view of all the action,” said Waleed Khaled, Losberger De Boer Middle East’s sales director.

42 temporary structure specialists began building the project in November and delivered the integrated complex within three weeks. Following the conclusion of the festival, the structures will be dismantled within two weeks, returning the site to its original state, the firm said.

“In 2018, we successfully delivered 15 semi-permanent buildings for Qiddiya in 60 days in addition to working on other projects of international importance in Saudi Arabia and the wider GCC region. Our local experience has led to us becoming a preferred partner for middle eastern businesses and event operators looking to accelerate business openings or stage major events in the region. As Dubai Expo 2020 approaches and Saudi Vision 2030 advances, we expect our client base to continue to expand substantially,” explained Khaled.

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