Jordan to set up its first waste to fuel facility using polycrack technology

Sahab Municipality will receive 25 per cent of the profits generated from the project

An agreement has been signed between Sahab Municipality’s Mayor, Abbas Maharmeh and representatives from the Qamar Energy Company to set up Jordan’s first facility to produce fuel from waste using polycrack technology. Maharmeh said that this agreement was the first-of-its-kind in Jordan.

Sahab Municipality will receive 25 per cent of the profit generated from the project as well as a commission that will be negotiated if any new municipalities join the project, according to a statement.

Maharmeh said that the municipality transports more than 110 tonnes of waste per day, at a transportation cost of $87 per tonne, so this facility will not only help to cut that cost but also turn it into a profit, which is a great achievement.

Abdul Rahim Zoubi, general manager of Qamar Energy pointed out that polycrack technology is ‘the first technology in the world to use a heterogeneous catalyst, which transforms any hydrocarbon element into fuel and gas’.

“Polycrack technology works successfully throughout the world, and it has received a number of awards and patents. This technology is completely environmentally friendly, producing no pollution in the air, soil or water, and there is also no residual material to return to the landfill, where the waste is completely treated,” he stated.

Additionally, Qamar Energy said that the mixed waste will produce oil, gas, water, and pure carbon, and that the project is in accordance with the Paris Agreement, which is focused on producing green fuel instead of harmful emissions.

During the initial stages of implementation the project will treat 25 tonnes of waste per day from the Sahab Municipality, gradually increasing the amount until it reaches the maximum capacity.


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