Eltizam Group organises National Mangroves Park clean-up to mark World Fisheries Day

Employees of Eltizam and subsidiaries Three60 and Tafawuq FM paddle through delicate habitat to remove plastic and other waste

Community and owner association management services firm Three60 Communities, a subsidiary of Eltizam Asset Management Group, organised a mangrove clean-up project to mark World Fisheries Day.

The initiative is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme and focused on cleaning parts of the National Mangroves Park in Abu Dhabi, located adjacent to the City of Lights community on Reem Island, which is also managed by Three60 Communities.

“The goals of the clean-up initiative were to ensure that this sensitive marine habitat, which is critical to various aquatic specifies remains free of plastic and other waste, as well as spreading awareness about plastic pollution among the company’s employees,” explained the company in a statement.

Employees of Eltizam, and group companies Three60 and Tafawuq Facilities Management paddled through the park to remove plastic and other types of waste.

A flotilla of kayaks was then packed with tens of bin bags full of waste, various large plastic objects, as well as other debris, found floating around the trees.

“Every company has a responsibility towards the environment, and Eltizam is committed to upholding its pledge in this regard by cleaning the waters adjacent to the communities it services,” said Chris Roberts, CEO, Eltizam Asset Management Group. “Mangrove clean-up is our version of a beach clean-up. CSR forms an important pillar of Eltizam’s ‘Get Wonky’ campaign, and we strive to make an impact on the communities we operate in by undertaking such initiatives. By focusing on initiatives aimed at waste management, energy savings, and awareness creation, we will continue to give back to society.”

Alan Rowlands, General Manager, Three60 Group, UAE, and Oman, added: “Three60 Group is proud to be contributing to the society through its CSR initiatives such as the recent mangroves clean-up. In order to achieve our goal of building sustainable communities, we focus on every aspect of real estate development, while remaining committed to each of our residents as well as our clients. We believe that cleanliness and sustainability play a huge role in providing an ideal community to live, work, and play. The latest initiative addresses both these aspects.”

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