Limak Inşaat Kuwait lowest bidder for Phase Two of new Kuwait Airport project

Subsidiary of Turkey’s Limak Group has submitted a bid of $555mn, report says

Limak Inşaat Kuwait, a subsidiary of the Turkish builder Limak Group, has emerged as the lowest bidder for Phase Two of the new Kuwait Airport project, with a figure of $555 million, it has been announced.

Citing sources familiar with the bid, a report by Arab Times said that the second-best bid contender for the project was another Turkish company – Kolin – who had submitted a bid amount of $637.3 million.

The report added that the scope of work for the airport project includes the construction of a parking area, outdoor works and landscaping, a sewage and rainwater treatment plant, storage tanks, roads and multi-level bridges that will connect to Building Number 2, which is currently under construction.


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