New Al-Bahar app eases fleet maintenance

A new mobile phone app from the regional Cat dealer is easing fleet management and maintenance to reduce downtime

The GCC machinery powerhouse, Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Bahar, has made work easier and more efficient for its customers who have a customer support agreement (CSA) with the company by introducing the Al-Bahar CSA app, designed exclusively for CSA customers.

The dedicated new mobile phone app is optimised for customers who need to track critical assets, including both machines and engines, and require operating data from the field. According to Al-Bahar, the new app gives customers an easy way to monitor their entire CSA fleet, request and schedule maintenance, and connect with Al-Bahar team from the work site.

The exact location of all equipment tracked by the app is displayed on the mobile device, along with the machine’s operating hours, health and utilisation data. It enables operations departments to get the most from their equipment by moving an under-utilised asset to precisely where it is needed most.

Discussing the details of the app with CMME, Mohamed Sherif Samy, segment manager, Group Product Support, at Al-Bahar, said: “We designed the app to cover all equipment that are under our CSA agreement between Al-Bahar and the customer. All data collected by the app comes to Al-Bahar and is securely maintained by us, so customers can have complete peace of mind. In case customers require any help with the app, such as trouble shooting or for any issues, they can reach us directly and/or enquire through our dedicated product support representative. So we also have back-up in place for the app.”

Elaborating further on how the app will be useful for customers, Samy added: “This app will elevate the aftersales support we offer to our CSA customers. It’s a new digital platform that acts as a support assistant to the customers, helping them with their fleet maintenance and management.

“Downtime is always dreaded in the construction and equipment sphere, especially if it is unplanned. Only timely and right maintenance can evade it. However, maintenance can involve multiple calls, messy repair schedules and repeated follow-ups. With our CSA customers, though, this is not the case; customers can get customised support options, made with careful planning and continuous attention to help them succeed. With a CSA covered fleet, our customers get more time to do what they do best – run their business. Trained technicians assist them by maintaining their equipment and driving down operating costs, helping get more work done for less expenditure. And now, further simplifying maintenance and making support smart is the dedicated Al-Bahar CSA mobile app – offering support on the go.”

Detailing the features of the app and the parameters it can track and assist in, Samy said users will be able to track all their assets covered under the Al-Bahar CSA umbrella and see their progress. Each customer has one log-in credential and the target user profile is the maintenance or fleet manager. They will be able to schedule maintenance using the app and have Al-Bahar technicians visit their job-sites when the unit is due for the maintenance. All maintenance reports will also be available to fleet owners

on the app, including Technical Analysis Level I and level II (TA1 & TA2). The app will also assist in bringing more machines under the Al-Bahar CSA coverage by showing up-front quotes and estimates for any asset in the customer’s fleet.

“The app helps in maintenance and fleet management by simplifying the entire process. It gives complete fleet visibility for remote monitoring of your fleet and managing CSA contracts. Customers can also maintain a comprehensive maintenance calendar with the app and obtain at-a-glance views of the maintenance schedule of their machines with timely reminders,” says Samy.

“With timely checking, monitoring and alerts, that dreaded enemy of the fleet owner or contractor can be kept at bay: unscheduled downtime. With data analytics providing the optimum time for doing maintenance, every machine can be kept in the best running condition possible and the maximum uptime can be extracted from it. And the app users also have the peace of mind that comes from being able to view hassle-free reports from Al-Bahar and access inspection and SOS intervention reports from the comfort and ease of their mobile device to be certain that their machines are being well looked-after.”

The app is available both on Android and Apple platforms, and Al-Bahar CSA customers can expect newer versions with more features and improvements, going forward, Samy concludes.

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