Bentley Systems introduces two new digital twin services

New immersive asset service enables 4D visualisation and analytics visibility for ‘evergreen’ digital twins

Bentley Systems has introduced new digital twin services for asset and network performance.

The AssetWise Digital Twin Services are said to converge digital context, digital components and digital chronology to provide immersive visualisation and advanced analytics for enhanced decision support and improved performance of infrastructure assets.

According to Bentley Systems, OpenUtilities Digital Twin Services use digital twins for consolidating, validating, and aligning GIS, reality modeling, performance, simulation, and other enterprise data required to effectively manage assets including power plants, substations, and entire networks.

“In order to truly gain and act on insights that impact the performance and reliability of infrastructure assets, and also of the networks which connect them, digital twins must provide live and accurate physical and engineering data across time, effectively in 4D. Through the accessibility of cloud and web services, and our open-source platform for immersive visualization and analytics visibility, AssetWise Digital Twin Services will enable all AssetWise users, and new users, to broaden the benefits of going digital more comprehensively,” said Alan Kiraly, SVP, asset and network performance for Bentley Systems.

The AssetWise Digital Twin Services comprise an iTwin Immersive Asset Service, AssetWise 4D Analytics and AssetWise Linear Analytics, while the OpenUtilities Digital Twin Services include APM for Power Plants, Digital Services for Brownfield T&D and OpenUtilities DER Planning and Design Assessment Solutions.


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