Diamond Developers to launch world’s largest rehab and education centre for People of Determination

$54.4mn Sanad Village will cover an area of 32,000sqm and provide support, training and rehabilitation to 395 People of Determination

Diamond Developers, the UAE-based real estate developers, has announced plans to set up the world’s largest rehabilitation and education centre for People of Determination in The Sustainable City in Dubai.

Set over an area of 32,000sqm, Sanad Village will have a construction area of 19,000sqm and will have several key facilities such as a miniature shopping complex, supermarket, cinema, restaurants, hair saloons and a police station to increase the security of the community. Further plans for the $54.4 million project will be unveiled at the ongoing AccessAbilities Expo in Dubai.

“Through Sanad Village, we want to assure that the Sustainable City continues with its plans to evolve into a complete society that provides the UAE and the world with innovative ideas, not only on different aspects of sustainability, but also the initiatives and projects that target all segments of a society and its different needs,” said Faris Saeed, founder and CEO of Diamond Developers, about the new project.

The project currently employs 320 highly trained and qualified professionals from around the world, who will be taking care of 395 People of Determination.

Saeed pointed out that Sanad Village was an example of Diamond Developer’s commitment towards supporting Dubai’s strategy for People of Determination and contribute towards achieving the emirate’s vision.

Dr Muhannad Fraihat, founder and president of Sanad Village added that Dubai was a pioneer in launching outstanding projects and “it is for this reason that we choose Dubai as the home to Sanad Village, which is going to be the largest rehabilitation centre for People of Determination in the world.

Sanad Village, he stated, will become an advanced model – the first of its kind capable of providing support, training and rehabilitation services through evidence base, results-driven, and scientifically proven methods. It also offers services of excellence in Applied Behavioural Analysis therapy, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Vocational Training, and Life Skills Training, Dr Fraihat said.

“We have co-ordinated with several governmental and private organizations to create these real-world settings within Sanad Village. We will create streets and add traffic lights and real means of transportation to guide People of Determination through everyday circumstances,” he concluded.


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