Exclusive: Patrick Parsons exploring using AI to deliver greater project efficiency

Firm recently broadened its service offering with the addition of an environmental consulting division

Technology features prominently in Patrick Parsons’ plans to deliver greater efficiency and value on construction projects in the Middle East, according to Steven Holden, regional director – Middle East.

In an exclusive interview with Middle East Consultant, Holden stated: “Technology is changing the way we work, and the industry, for the better. Our project work can at times be data heavy, as a result we are looking to tap into analytical efficiencies via artificial intelligence (AI), falling back on previous project experience and utilising historic data whether onsite and in the office.”

Holden notes that in the last couple of years there has been a pronounced shift in the market and that a focus on reduced fees and value for money is often required just to get projects off the ground. Technology is one avenue the firm is eyeing to deliver better efficiency.

He adds: “Desk-based assessments are in themselves evolving with improvements in technology. For example where it would take a select team an number of days to undertake a site assessment, one that is labour-intensive, we can now utilise the use of GIS/drone surveys in assessing marine and terrestrial ecology and land contamination across vast areas, saving time and money.”

The firm established its office in Dubai in 2014 and focused on the delivery of engineering services lines. In the last 12 months, the firm has broadened its bouquet of services through the addition of an environmental consulting division.


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