Smart Dubai partners with Property Finder to promote technology in the real-estate sector

Smart Dubai first announced plans to partner with Property Finder in April 2019 as it launched the Dubai Data Private Sector Strategy and Policy

Smart Dubai has signed an agreement with Dubai-based Property Finder to promote the use of advanced technologies in the real estate sector.

The partnership will allow the two companies to further the establishment of a more transparent and better functioning system.

HE Younus Al Nasser, assistant director general of Dubai Smart City Office, signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on behalf of Smart Dubai, with Michael Lahyani, general manager of Property Finder.

Under the terms of the agreement, the two parties will work together to demonstrate the value from public and private sector data assets, by creating advanced real estate data products, in addition to conducting analysis and thought leadership projects.

Moreover, the agreement seeks to showcase the power of data science and the potential that can be achieved when cross-sector data teams work together.

Commenting on the partnership, HE Al Nasser said: “We have committed ourselves to introducing advanced technologies into every sector and redesigning every aspect of people’s lives to make it easier and ensure their happiness.”

Bringing the public and private sectors together is essential to our strategies,” HE Al Nasser continued. “It is crucial that we all work together to come up with innovative use-cases for the city data we are compiling.”

“By bringing advanced data technologies into the real estate sectors, Smart Dubai and Property Finder look forward to leading the region in terms of real estate, developing in-depth studies, formulating data-driven plans for the future, and implementing ground-breaking use cases,” he added.

Meanwhile, Lahyani said that this partnership will bring more transparency and information to their clients as well as be able to create tools and offer more data to the customers.

The partnership agreement will ultimately boost both parties’ reputation as the city’s leaders for city-wide market data, leading to future joint initiatives, according to the firms.

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