Al Salem Johnson Controls working to make KAFD smarter

METASYS controls 700 thousand data points in KAFD protecting the financial hub through a security management system

Al Salem Johnson Controls says it is providing King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) in Riyadh with the latest integrated Building Management Solutions (BMS) through METASYS.

The building automated system, “contributes to increased flexibility, sustainability and productivity. Therefore, creating a fully integrated environment; which includes HVAC solutions, smart controls, fire safety and security systems,” said the company in a satement.

METASYS allows the integration of various building management systems, such as fire alarm systems, control systems, data collection (SCADA), energy control systems among others, the company explained.

“METASYS also connects several devices with the latest wireless technologies, enabling constant monitoring and controls across KAFD from anywhere and from any device.”

Dr Mohanad AlShaikh, CEO, Al Salem Johnson Controls, said that that his firm had been involved from the early design stages of the district for its “leadership and excellence in delivering integrated smart solutions, that promote energy efficiency, reduce overall costs, provide sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, improve comfort and safety, as well as the cooling efficiency of all buildings.”

He added: “Al Salem Johnson Controls demonstrated, through this project, its deep technical expertise and innovation. Furthermore, our Building Management System is characterized by competitive features, and the ability to converge several systems for better and unified, intelligent infrastructure for buildings.”

METASYS controls 700 thousand data points in KAFD protecting the financial hub through a security management system, as well providing operational and control in addition to specialised metering systems for energy management and tunnel ventilation control.

The Al Salem Johnson Controls-owned YORK factory in Jeddah has further supplied 700 Saudi-made air-handling units.

“The company has proved its commitment to providing integrated heating, ventilation, cooling, and air conditioning solutions through a wide range of complementary and supportive air conditioning systems to its clients and partners, including a variety of world-class brand air conditioning components adopted by the company in all its products and solutions,” added Al Salem Johnson Controls.

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