Booming UAE real estate to drive landscape sector

$38bn worth of new construction contracts expected to be handed out in the UAE

The launch of the Outdoor Design Build & Supply Exhibition reflects a strong government commitment to developing the UAE’s natural outdoor landscape. The event will take place on March 25-27, 2013 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Research specialists, Ventures Middle East says that $38bn worth of new construction contractor awards are expected in the UAE in 2013. The UAE outdoor design and landscape sector will benefit from this surge of fresh investment in the country’s construction industry in 2013.

Thea Skelton, project manager for Outdoor Design Build & Supply said: “The UAE construction sector is making a comeback, with a score of large projects going ahead, and more to be announced in the coming months. These will in turn generate new opportunities for the landscaping sector in the UAE, and as an industry guideline, we expect that about 10 percent or more of the construction sector investment will be allocated for gardens and landscaping.”

Exhibition organisers, Streamline Marketing Group, estimate that at least 10 per cent of this figure, or $3.8bn, will go towards new landscaping and garden projects in the Emirates.

“All signs point towards a lucrative future in the UAE and wider GCC garden and landscape sector,” it said.

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