Caterpillar adds more power and operator-friendly features on PM300 series cold planers

Cat PM310, PM312 and PM313 receive horsepower upgrades and sliding operator station for improved performance

Caterpillar has launched newer versions of three machines in its PM300 Series of cold planers, adding features such as more power, improved ergonomics and easier serviceability.

The updates have been done to the Cat PM310, PM312 and PM313 cold planers, said Cat, adding that the PM300 Series is ideal for small-to-medium job sites where compact dimensions, optimum manoeuvrability and high production capabilities are required. Wheel or track undercarriage designs are available for each model.

The Cat C9.3 engine that powers the cold planers has received a 3% power increase and now puts out 334hp. Visibility is also improved with a sliding operator’s station, optional camera and an auxiliary power connector for additional lighting. The new sliding station extends beyond the machine frame, approximately 215mm, improving visibility and line of site for operators when following an edge.

The machines can be also equipped with an optional camera that mounts above the cutter box to improve visibility. The camera can be viewed through an LCD Display at the operator’s station, enabling the operator to make closer cuts next to obstacles. With the addition of the sliding station, an armrest has been added to the right side to improve comfort. An optional auxiliary power connector located near the back of the machine accepts nighttime balloon lighting additions.

Servicing the rotor is now easier with an integrated rotor turning system. The hydraulically operated turning device controls the position of the rotor with a two-button pendant that simplifies bit removal and replacement.

The cold planers are available with the Cat System K milling rotors and feature efficient material flow with an efficient cutting pattern. Rotors are available with spacings of 8mm, 15mm and 18mm for a wide range of milling applications. The dual taper retention design provides a reliable method for holding the tool holders in the blocks without the need for a retaining pin or bolt. Reversible paddles and high strength alloys offer more resistance to abrasion and reduce wear for extended rotor life.

Cat offers diamond bits for the System K rotors as an option, lasting up to 80 times longer than conventional carbide bits to extend intervals between bit maintenance, increase production and reduce operating costs. According to Cat, the diamond bits are sharper than conventional carbide bits, allowing the machine to cut faster and to reduce drag on the cutting system for better fuel economy in demanding applications.

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