LiuGong shows off new battery electric vehicles

Chinese manufacturer uses Beijing event to display two electric excavators and one remote controlled wheel loader

LiuGong showed off its new battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and a 5G-based remote controlled intelligent wheeled loader at the BICES show in Beijing earlier this month.

Using lithium-ion battery systems for energy storage, the BEVs sport high-efficiency permanent magnet electric motors to drive the machines. According to LiuGong, a typical BEV’s peak power output will be twice that of a conventional diesel-powered machine. The BEV range comprises the 906E-EV and 922F-EV excavators, and the 856H-EV wheeled loader.

LiuGong’s first generation of BEVs have batteries equipped with fast charging technology and energy-saving systems, and need one hour to charge to 80%. The company adds that its diesel excavators can also be quickly converted to battery electric vehicles.

Edward Wagner, executive director, LiuGong New Technology, said: “The total operating cost of a battery powered earthmover is, or soon will be, depending on the exact vehicle design and customer application, lower than that of a diesel-powered machine.”

LiuGong also presented its new 5G-based remote-control intelligent wheeled loader at the BICES show. The model is co-developed and supported by China Telecom and Huawei technology.

Under remote-control driving mode, all operations can be observed from the videos that are sent back by the cameras on the machine. It also uses intelligent protection technology for automatic identification and auto emergency stop, making it good for use in dangerous environments.

Cai Dengsheng, deputy chief engineer of LiuGong’s Intelligent Technology Institution, said the 856H-EV can be remotely controlled from more than 2,000km away, and will provide real-time response and accurate control through 5G connectivity.

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