Emaar Fire Safety chief calls for better education

Managers of malls need to be better educated about fire safety, Michael Kelly says

The director of Fire Safety Engineering for Emaar Malls Group has called for better education about life safety systems in malls, starting at the management level.

Speaking during the Fire Safety, Standards and Regulations Forum, Michael Kelly said that managers needed to be better educated about the use of fire safety systems in their malls. He pointed out that this would lead to a higher standard of safety and regulations.

Held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, the forum discussed issues concerning the application of building codes and fire regulations.

Major Jamal Ahmed Ibrahim of the Ministry of the Interior spoke at length on the necessity of safety enforcement and how the UAE had now taken a unified approach to many problems.

Kelly praised Major Jamal’s initiative in improving safety and said that the continual good relationship with the ministry meant that Emaar could consul them on safety issues.

This in turn will lead to a higher standard of safety due to the vigilance of the authority and its high standards, he said.

The main thrust of the forum was the application of new methods of fire safety to deal with mega projects and very high buildings.

It was pointed out that Dubai has a very special problem because a large proportion of the world’s high rises are situated in the city.

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