LiuGong launches new-generation F-series excavators

Chinese manufacturer brings in intelligent operation and environmental protection for new global product line

LiuGong has launched its latest new-generation F-series excavators, which integrate technology, intelligence and environmental protection and are suitable for emerging markets.

The Chinese manufacturer said the new series is its sixth generation of excavators and has been designed to meet diverse needs and to meet its future market requirements.

Unveiled at the Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition and Seminar (BICES 2019) this month, the new F-series has more models and size classes than previous generations of diggers from LiuGong. The F-series includes standard models for the Chinese market and short-tail and zero-tail swing ones for the Western European and North American markets. The products comply with the latest regulations of China and Europe on emission, said the manufacturer.

Excavators of different size classes – large-, medium- and small-sized – have been launched for various market segments. The series has 15 product sub-platforms with over 40 size classes ranging from 1.5t to 90t, which covers more than 90% of the global market demand, said LiuGong, adding that mini excavators of less than 6t are divided into more size classes.

In addition to basic models, the F-series excavators also have variants. Appropriate accessories are used to serve different purposes, including excavation, demolition, forestry, material handling, and recycling, and providing customers with the best value.

LiuGong added that the F series excavators are equipped with the latest electronically controlled hydraulic system consisting of a main pump with large displacement, a low-speed and high-torque engine and a main electro-hydraulic proportional control valve for better management of flow distribution.

An intelligent cooling system is also provided, which controls the fan speed in real time according to the temperature of water, oil and the intercooler. With these systems, LiuGong calls the F-series excavators industry-leading in terms of their high operating efficiency and low oil consumption, which it rates as about 15-20% lower than that of the previous generation.

The product intelligence of the F-series excavators combines the integrated operation of a single excavator, intelligent control, network-based integration of excavators, intelligent monitoring, detection, prediction and remote control.

Monitoring of bucket trajectory, construction guidance, assisted excavation, automatic weighing and other technology features improve working efficiency and quality and avoid repeated operation, LiuGong said. The new excavators also come with electronic fence technology that ensures safer construction.

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