Ramboll promotes ME region boss to new MD of Global Building’s division

Beard has over 30 years of experience in the consulting engineering industry

Richard Beard has been announced as the new MD of Ramboll’s Global Buildings division. He was recruited internally and will continue to hold his position as CEO of Ramboll’s Middle East and Asia Pacific business.

He will focus on growth and accelerating the firm’s international strategy for Ramboll’s buildings services with colleagues across the firm’s various markets. The division is responsible for projects such as Denmark’s tallest residential building, Lighthouse at the port of Aarhus, for the Auckland airport in New Zealand and the Karolinska University hospital.

“It is an incredibly exciting time right now for our buildings business, following our recent internationalisation with increased global collaboration across the company. I am really looking forward to working further with our international focus in this business area and particularly within smart and sustainable buildings, together with colleagues whom I already know as very competent, creative and dynamic,” says Beard.

Beard will continue the development of Ramboll’s Buildings, from what once was primarily a geographically oriented business based on local relationships, to becoming a market-oriented business with an international mindset, where global cross-border collaboration across the group is paramount, the statement said.

“Our clients today expect us to be able to provide the best team regardless of where they come from. We no longer operate with a traditional geographical focus, where the Danes solve Danish projects, the Swedes the Swedish, etc., but now we reach beyond individual countries when we form project teams. Being a global consultancy, this provides great opportunities and advantages on the international scene, when we can draw upon competencies throughout the world,” adds Beard.


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