Expo 2020 Dubai irrigation and landscaping projects costing over $75mn

Expo 2020 Duba placing major focus on sustainability and water consumption

The Expo 2020 Dubai organisers have said that they have cooperated with Dubai Municipality to create sustainable greenery and rationalised water consumption for the upcoming expo.

The expo has allocated an area of 220,000 sqm. to a nursery for plants and trees, which will cultivate 12,157 trees and over 256,000 shrubs, including palm trees, and flowering plants and herbs. The expo has also employed eco-friendly methods in design and construction stages of the nursery, such as solar-powered lights along the  main road and relying exclusively on organic fertilisers and recycling the nursery’s waste.

Additionally, treated wastewater provided by the Dubai Municipality is used to meet the majority of the nursery’s irrigation needs and clean drinking water is only used for seed development during the first stages of plant development.

The Expo 2020 Dubai has also adopted water consumption systems and is reusing different water sources, such as wastewater, air conditioning water, ground water discharge management and seasonal surface water flows.

In a statement given to WAM, Ahmed Al Khateeb, CEO of Development and Real Estate Development at the Expo 2020 Dubai, said that the expo will not only feature buildings and pavilions, but also trails, fountains and parks, as well as the Al Wasl Dome, which will serve as a giant screen.

Meanwhile, commenting on other areas such as landscaping, Taleb Abdulkareem Jilfar, executive director of the Infrastructure Services Division at the Dubai Municipality said that they are implementing irrigation and agriculture projects at the event’s location.

Jilfar estimates the cost of the expo’s irrigation and landscaping projects to be over $75 million, noting that an area of 3.57 sq. km is expected to be ready before the official launch of the exhibition in October 2020. The municipality has delivered 863,117 plants, valued at more than $6.13 million.

Moreover, the municipality is currently launching a range of strategic projects intended to fulfil the future needs of Dubai, and in preparation for hosting the Expo 20202 Dubai, Jilfar concluded.

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