Stalled KSA projects could be handed over to new contractors

Saudi Arabian Minister of Transport concerned over delayed projects

Saudi Arabian authorities have threatened to hand over stalled projects to ‘competent’ contractors after lengthy delays.

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The Saudi Arabian Minister of Transport has laid responsibility for stalled road projects on contractors. He has threatened to withdraw the contracts of delayed projects and transfer them to ‘competent contractors’.

The Saudi based Al Riyadh daily newspaper reported that there were currently 40 projects underway in the region, worth a combined total of more than $1.59bn. In addition, a further eight stalled road projects in the region are expected to resume work shortly and will be completed by the end of the year.

Jabara Al-Seraisry told Arab News in an interview: “Stalled and delayed projects are worrying us. It also concerns citizens, especially those who live in mountainous areas.”

“We are constantly looking for the reasons behind the delay and how to treat it, including the services that hinder the route, through coordination with other government agencies.” Al-Seraisry ruled out that the ministry would turn a blind eye to some contractors for their commitment to multiple projects, explaining that all projects of the Ministry of Transport are under scrutiny and are being implemented according to the specifications and their time plan.


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