Musanada launches new platform to streamline tendering in Abu Dhabi

Workshops demonstrate how new system will save ‘considerable’ time and effort

Abu Dhabi General Services Company (Musanada) says its newly launched electronic platform will streamline tendering for construction firms working in the emirate.

Dedicated to provide e-services to main contractors and construction builders, the platform will facilitate and simplify the tendering process related to subcontractor engagements.

Musanada added that it will also, “enhance the principle of equal opportunities, achieve a better level of transparency and integrity in floating of tenders and awarding of contracts and ensure high quality of project delivery”.

Detailed and comprehensive information will be available to all subcontractors and suppliers on the awarded projects including the scope of work and materials required for each project.

The organisation says subcontractors will be able to contact the main contractors through the e-platform to “express their intent to engage in execution of these works or supply the materials as per the approved specifications”.

To raise awareness, Musanada organised two-day workshops for a large number of main construction contractors to explain the basis and criteria related to floating tenders electronically. Training was given to participants to explains how to manage tenders and design e-bids, in addition to the evaluation requirements and the registration process.

Assuring its firm commitment to enhance the quality and efficiency of its services, Musanada told official news agency WAM that, “the new platform will save considerable time and efforts on part of the contractors, besides electronically saving data and offers and reducing paper consumption in line with the requirements of sustainability, digital transformation and governance”.

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