New nano-acrylic coating from Jotun

Jotun Paints has launched its Jotafloor Rapid Dry WB; a new floor coating based on nanotechnology. The technology is based on the development of materials using particles at a molecular scale. the product emits lower levels of Co2 emissions than coatings produced using conventional acrylic technology beause harmful solvents are replaced with water, according to the company. “Jotafloor Rapid Dry WB is Jotun’s first product that is based on pure nanotechnology and it is the result of our sizeable investment of time and various resources into advanced product research and development,” asserted Jotun Coatings concrete concept manager Terje Langmoe.

"This unique and environmentally sound product meets the needs of the common end-user segment, and addresses the market’s call for consistency, quality and sustainability across the range of paints and coatings." the water-based, semi-gloss floor coating is a fast-drying, 100% pure nano-acrylic floor coating solution that offers high levels of durability and UV protection, added Jotun.

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