The Red Sea Project setting new standards in sustainable development

The Red Sea Development Company’s CEO confirms to MECN it is targeting 100% renewable energy

The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) has said that sustainable practices will increase the conservation value of The Red Sea Project by 20-30% over the next couple of decades, compared to leaving the site untouched.

The Red Sea Project in Saudi Arabia is a luxury and tourism destination that is being developed by TRSDC around an archipelago of more than 90 islands.

The company has partnered with The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), to understand the conservation efforts required, and to also conduct baseline surveys of the marine and terrestrial environment. The firm has also created a large stimulation programme to help them identify how their design and operation will impact the local habitat.

Regarding the conservation efforts, TRSDC plans to develop their own desalination plant as well as waste-water management, and aims to be 100% carbon neutral in their operation.

John Pagano, CEO of The Red Sea development Company told MECN that it will be using 100% renewable energy 24/7 within the allowed technical capabilities.

“That’s an ambitious goal and this is the first time something like this will be attempted on such a huge scale. We are corresponding with the environmental management plan to deal with the actual physical execution of the work,” he said.

Alternatively, out of the 90 islands, only 22 will be developed to ensure that there is no adverse footprint on the destination. Additionally, Pagano mentioned that another nine islands will be no-go areas as part of special conservation efforts.

“We are also looking at modular and pre-fabricated construction, as well, so that we don’t have to mobilise a lot of equipment, material, and human resource. This will help us minimise the impact it will have on the local environment,” concluded Pagano.


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