Egypt awards $14.2bn in project contracts for New El Alamein City

City will cover an area of 202 million sqm and will accommodate more than three million people

Egypt has awarded contracts worth more than $14.2 billion in the Phase One of New El Alamein City, one of the new generation of millennium cities coming up on the North Coast of the country, government officials have announced.

Spread over a sprawling 202 million sqm area, the city is being designed to accommodate more than three million inhabitants by the end of Phase One.

The first phase of the project is over an area of 24,000 acres, while the second and third phases will be over an area of 12,000 acres, a report from Mubasher said, citing New Alamein Government Office chairman, Osama Abdul Ghany.

Nearly $1.31 billion has been spent on the mega city since June 2018, excluding the costs of sewage, water and wastewater treatment plants, Ghany  said. He added that some of the projects in Phase One are likely to be opened in June 2019, although the majority of them will likely be inaugurated in mid-2020, he said in a statement to the Egyptian Businessmen’s Association (EBA).

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