Philippines unveils pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai

The Philippines pavilion will reinterpret the country’s history and natural beauty within a coral-reef themed setting

The Philippines has unveiled the design for its pavilion for the upcoming Expo 2020 Dubai, on the occasion of its Independence Day on 12 June.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) revealed the theme for the pavilion to be Bangkóta, an ancient Tagalog term for ‘coral-reef’.

In a presentation by the DTI, it highlighted that the Philippines pavilion will show the progressive development of the nation through state of the art portals that promise immersive experiences for attendees.

The design will also honour the variety of natural resources that the country has to offer and will concentrate its overall design on the architectural character of the coral reefs native to the archipelago.

The 3,000sqm pavilion’s theme and its artistic direction is being developed by Budji+Royal Architecture Design firm while the original content is by Marian Roces & Digital Content Creators. The pavilion will offer varying level of immersive experiences through film installations, and will focus on exhibit installations, literature, history, and music.

According to the principal architect and CEO of Budji+Royal Architecture Design, Royal Pineda, the total outdoor area of the pavilion is 1268 sqm. and the winding path, 385 sqm while the total landscaped area including water features, comes to 676 sqm.

“The pavilion’s undulating walls recall the shape of Bangkóta or coral reefs. They are permeable, made of netting, to represent the idea of connectivity.”

Pineda said that the verticality of the permeable netting will shelter the visitors from the morning and afternoon sun while highlighting the beauty of cross ventilation.

“It is an outdoor experience, making the pavilion accessible and operational without the need for power; the exhibit is meant to organically evolve.

Envisioned as a public space, almost like a park, the exhibit is intended to operate organically with nature,” explained Pineda.

“Bangkóta is a living coral reef, pulsating with people, movement, activities, flora and water features, all functioning as one global ecosystem,” he stated.

Visitors will play an active role as they navigate through the pavilion, with these spaces being designed to elicit thought and participation, concluded Pineda.

Additionally, DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez also said that once Expo 2020 Dubai concludes, the plan is to reconstruct the pavilion back in Philippines, since the expo classifies as the biggest participation of the Philippines in any international exposition.

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