The Reem Dayoub Initiative; talented student can win LACASA internship

One university student will have the opportunity to gain real world experience through an internship with LACASA

In 2008, Reem Dayoub joined Hydro, LACASA’s sister firm, following which she moved to LACASA in 2012 as assistant MEP manager. She was promoted to MEP director in 2016, a role that she held until August 2018, when she sadly passed away.

Her work includes many iconic projects such as the Prive Serviced Apartments Business Bay, Paramount Hotel, The Trump Estates and many others. She also directly and indirectly served as a mentor to many young women who worked with her, during her over 15-year career in the male-dominated construction sector in the region.

In her honor, LACASA has launched an education and mentorship initiative to celebrate her life.

Competition Mechanics

The competition is open to graduate level engineering students in their final year of university and will run for a period of three months (June through to August). LACASA, in collaboration with Middle East Consultant, is looking for the best and brightest students in the UAE.

Winning the competition will require innovative thinking and out-of-the-box solutions!

Once the time limit of the competition has lapsed, the student who has showcased the most exciting and innovative solutions to the challenges listed below, will be invited to join LACASA as an intern. The student will be mentored through the internship programme, which is designed to give the student real-world work experience, and will help shape their future as construction professionals.

Students can address questions and their solutions to Middle East Consultant Editor Jason Saundalkar at

The Challenge

The project consists of 12 buildings (as shown in the master plan) located on a common basement and ground floor, with one mosque at the ground level. The project will be cooled via a district cooling plant.

Students must select two of the three challenges listed below and email their solutions to

  1. The student needs to study and present the best and most efficient design for the chilled water pumping stations strategy, with the required comparison from initial cost, maintenance cost, operation, low DT control to have central pumping stations or to have one for each building.
  2. As per the AC load summary shown here, the calculated load for the project is 3,737 TR while the allocated load from the district provider is 2,500 TR. The student needs to present ideas how to reduce the total cooling load to match the allocated load.
  3. As per the AC calculation shown here, the output for the mosque where it is showing the resulted RH is 63%, the student needs to present the following:
  • What is the best action plan to control the humidity and get the mosque internal condition within the comfort zone.
  • What is the best action plan to control the AC system during the partial load.
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