JCB’s starts production of first electric excavator

New model delivers same performance as a diesel-powered machine in the same class, says manufacturer

The first fully electric excavator from JCB has gone into production and the British brand says that the 1.9t 19c-1E model is the first such machine to be put into production by an original equipment manufacturer.

According to JCB, the model, which was unveiled previously, has been designed for both outdoor and indoor applications and is five times quieter than an equivalent diesel-powered machine. The company also says that the 19C-1E delivers the same performance as a diesel-powered mini excavator in the same capacity class, while reducing both internal and external noise levels.

The new model comes with three or four lithium-ion battery packs providing a 15-20kWh storage capacity. The batteries have been designed to last the operating life of the machine, according to JCB.

It has an on-board charger with 110V input for 12-hour recharging capability. A 230V charging option is also available when required with a recharging time of eight hours. A fast charge option will also become available, allowing a full charge in under two hours.

Three operating modes – low, general and high – are offered on the machine, controlled by a rotary dial. While the electric motor runs at 1,200rpm in the ‘low’ setting, the ‘general’ setting bumps up engine speed to 1,600rpm while the ‘high’ mode increase it further to 1,800rpm. An additional Auto Kick Up mode is also available in which the motor operates at 2,300rpm for rapid movement of the machine between sites.

The adjustable undercarriage and choice of digging equipment on the 19C-1E is the same as those available on JCB’s diesel model, making for a maximum digging depth of 2,891mm with the longer 1,344mm dipper arm.

The 19C-1E is only available with a ROPS/TOPS and FOGS certified canopy now, with other cab options to be introduced later. Based on JCB’s premium 19C-1 excavator, the electric model comes with proportional rocker switches for auxiliary functions and boom offset swing.

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