Empower: AI will boost district cooling sector’s efficiency

Firm is building ‘world’s first unmanned and fully automated’ district cooling plan in Jumeirah Village Circle

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in district cooling systems will help improve efficiency according to Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower). The firm says the technology will also provide an easier experience for countries and companies looking to adopt district cooling systems.

The firm says it is already developing what is billed as the world’s first unmanned and fully automated 50,000 Refrigeration Tonnes district cooling plant in Dubai’s Jumeirah Village Circle. It is expected to be completed in Q4 of 2019.

Empower notes that the plant uses AI to monitor and automatically adjust inflow and outflow of the chilled water, as well as Advanced Scada system with the capacity to read two million points of data related to cooling towers, chillers, transformers and water supply. The plant is also said to use award-winning Treated Sewage Effluent and Thermal Energy Storage technologies to serve chilled water.

Empower is committed to employing smart and advanced district cooling systems, which support the transition towards the circular economy, to enhance Dubai’s global position as the city of the future for its use of AI technology in district cooling systems, the firm said in a statement.

“We always strive to develop and achieve excellence in the field of district cooling through the use of AI technology. AI contributes to reducing the annual operating costs of companies in the district cooling sector, as well as enhancing efficiency in facilities,” said Empower CEO Ahmad Bin Shafar.


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