Slovenia’s $1.12bn railway line under construction

The railway line is expected to be functional by 2025

Slovenia’s largest civil engineering project – a new railway line connecting the deep-sea port at Koper with the country’s core international railway junction at Divaca is under construction. The project broke ground in March, with service roads being prepared and constructed to the sites of the future tunnels.

The new railway line is 27.1 km in length and when combined with the existing line will increase capacity to 231 train compositions per day.

This will make it possible to transport 43.4 million tons of cargo, which is the principal reason of the new railway track.

Work is said to be carried out under the Slovenian government’s specially established company 2TDK, which has a 45-year concession for the construction and management of the line.

Dr Ales Pustovrh, Bogatin, Eastern European Construction Forecasting Association (EECFA) Slovenia said that the estimated construction value of works for the approved building is $1.12 billion with 50 percent of the cost associated with the construction of tunnels.

Additionally, he added that the project will eventually cost about 3 percent of the country’s GDP.


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