Musanada completes $31mn phase 22 of Al Ain roads project

Total value of phases 21, 22 and 23 of the Al Ain internal roads project will be over $96 million

Abu Dhabi General Services Company (Musanada) has announced that it has completed the $31 million phase 22 of the internal roads construction project across various locations in Al Ain city. The total area of all the works completed is 1.2 million sqm.

According to a statement from Musanada, scope of work includes development of 450 new plots and three new wells besides construction of a bridge over Al Ain valley. Additionally, this bridge will connect the newly developed land at Al Markhaniya to the old region.

Besides developing 702 plots in phase 21 and 661 plots in phase 23 of the project, the company also developed a total of 1,813 plots during the three phases of the project, it stated. This includes construction of roads, lighting, stormwater drainage, potable water and sanitation networks, besides sidewalks and cycling paths.

Musanada added that the $34.7 million phase 21 of the project is 88 percent completed, meanwhile the $30.52 million phase 23 is 87 percent completed. This phase will include all the infrastructure works that will serve 438 new residential plots across 14 locations in Al Ain.

Commenting on the project, Saleh Al Sheibah Al Mazrouei, the acting executive director for roads and infrastructure at Musanada, said that roads and infrastructure works included potable water, sanitation, stormwater drainage and street lighting networks for serving 432 plots across 10 locations.

“To ensure highest levels of comfort and welfare for residents, the multiple locations of the project were provided with all the infrastructure services.”

“This phase included construction of a 27 km road network, 15 km sanitation network, 250 inspection chambers, 16 km stormwater drainage network, street lighting network, 16 km potable water network, 4 km cycling path, all to serve 323 vacant plots and 430 existing plots across several locations in Al Ain city and region,” he added.

In addition, a 720 m link to the circular road at Al Tawia area with three lanes in each direction was also constructed, he stated.

Musanada specified that the total value of the three phases 21, 22 and 23 of the Al Ain internal roads project will be over $96 million. The company said that it was also keen on conserving power consumption and reducing operating costs as per the agreed specifications by using LED lighting in the three projects.


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