SAF-Holland rolls out new training programme

Vehicle suspension and solutions specialist adds courses for driven, self-steering and forced steering axles

SAF-HOLLAND says it has added system training courses on self-steering and forced steering axles as well as on the hydraulically driven axle SAF INTRA CD TRAK  to its Academy’s training programme.

The company added in a statement that it will once again offer “its tried-and-tested Basic and Advanced training courses on parts dealership and service.”

Courses on brake technology complete the range, said SAF-HOLLAND.

Since 2015, the commercial vehicles supplier has pooled its professional training courses at the SAF-HOLLAND Academy in Aschaffenburg, Northern Bavaria, Germany.

“This is where service partners, spare parts dealers and vehicle manufacturers receive further training, where they practise operations and procedures from the industry directly on the suspension expert’s products and on a fully equipped training trailer,” said the company.

New to the SAF-HOLLAND Academy programme are system training courses aimed at managers, employees and mechanics from service workshops and customer service. According to the firm, the course on self-steering and forced steering axles provides tips and tricks for repairing and maintaining various types of steering axle.

The driven axle SAF INTRA CD TRAK course teaches participants everything they need to know about installing and retrofitting the hydraulic additional drive. The training also covers servicing, repairs and spare parts requirements through a variety of workshops.

“With the new system training courses, we are responding to training needs for self-steering and forced steering axles. We also include our new driven axle in the SAF-HOLLAND Acad-emy training program,” said Roman Seitz, director Service Customer Service at SAF-HOLLAND.


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