RTA says ‘Jewel of the Creek’ road 80% complete

RTA is working in collaboration with Dubai International Real Estate

Dubai’s Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has announced that construction on the roads leading into the ‘Jewel of the Creek’ project is 80% complete.

The Jewel of the Creek project is taking shape between Al Maktoum bridge and the Floating Bridge and has an area of 125,675sqm.

Mattar Al Tayer, director-general and chairman of the Board of Executive Directors at the RTA, said that all the road works and underpasses for the project are scheduled for completion by the end of June.

“The project includes the construction of tunnels extending 1.4km and roads spanning 7km. The ground and basement access points of the Jewel of the Creek Project have been linked with Baniyas Street to the north and Al Ittihad Street to the east through streets, tunnels and slope roads leading to the basement parking of the project,” Al Tayer commented.

According to a statement, the project’s northern access comprises entry points to the basement parking via the tunnel for traffic bound to the west of Baniyas Street, as well as inbound traffic from the slope road of Al Maktoum Bridge.

The project also features exit points for the basement parking through the tunnel to Baniyas Street towards the east and west, in addition to exit points to the north-east leading to the sloping eastern road from Al Maktoum Bridge to Baniyas Street, the RTA said.

“The project also includes the construction of a footbridge extending 81m crossing over Baniyas Street by the last quarter of this year, together with other lighting works as well as protecting and shifting the existing utility lines,” he added.

Eastern access to the project includes surface entry points from and to the eastern basement parking, and single-lane tunnels for the basement parking access from Al Ittihad Street, parallel to the Floating Bridge, and from Baniyas Street to the east, the RTA explained.

Roads were also built for surface entry access for traffic inbound from Al Ittihad Street to the south, and single-lane tunnels to the east for the parking to provide an exit in the direction of Abu Dhabi and Al Ittihad Street to the north, the RTA concluded.


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